Desh Enterprise is a free non-benefit, non-political neighborhood association intended to help ruined and drawbacks provincial craftsman families to accomplish self – adequacy and to ensure and showcase customary craftsmanship.

Desh Enterprise is a specialty creating and sending out association that has extended its business all through the world based on reasonable exchange standards. The association advances create items through upgrading the aptitudes of country craftsmans in Bangladesh. Desh Enterprise sends out basketry things produced using stick, bamboo, date and palm leaves and hogla fiber, just as earthenware things and other enlivening items.

All items are delivered after cautious investigation of western taste and requests as far as plan and materials. The essential objective is to keep up brilliant items for which craftsman’s are paid decently. Desh Enterprise manages its craftsmans in a straightforward way, and tries to improve their social and monetary prosperity.

Desh Enterprise has been completing exercises outfitted towards welfare of the craftsmans. The organization grants preparing for expertise advancement, give training backing and render financial help for other salary creating exercises with the goal that they are urged to bear the cost of the instructive costs of their young lady kid. Backing to pregnant moms for a time of three months after conveyance of kid is an activity of helping them to keep up post natal consideration and dietary status for breastfeeding.Producers, as the center of the all exercises, have been given due acknowledgment of the expanding. The association has been endeavoring to react to different financial necessities of the makers. To impart and impart to the makers, a few rounds of consultative workshops and occasions have been sorted out.

The organization has been using eco-friendly environment advances so as to keep up a contamination free benevolent workplace. It generally endeavors to guarantee sufficient well-being and security proportions of the workers and makers that are perfect with the security norms.we have been endeavoring to keep up an eco-friendly workplace.

Our Vision:
To be the leading handicrafts exporter Organization in Bangladesh & The World
Our Core Values:
1. Welfare of Artisans
2. Assuarance of quality
3. Fairness
4. Transparency
5. Accountability
Our Strength:
1. 20 years experience in production and marketing.
2. Skilled producers with high production capacity.
3. Attending in International Trade Fair.
4. An organization committed towards quality management.
5. Environmentally-friendly products & Factory.
6. Highly professional quality control team.
7. Modern warehouse facilities system.
8. Regular process of product development.
9. Well equipped office with modern facilities of communication
10. Self sustained organization without any external dependency.